What Makes You “Snow” Unique?: PEER’s January Campaign


Photo Courtesy of Grace Luebke

Grace Luebke, Reporter

This month, PEER is showcasing Briar student’s unique attributes and how they benefit their mental health. 


Briar Woods PEER has been around for over five years and is made up of a group of selected students within the school. PEER is an acronym that stands for positive experiences in educational relationships and aims to help students facing social, academic and life challenges. Also, PEER focuses on the importance of instilling a positive school environment by creating month-long campaigns and initiatives. January’s initiative shines a light on what makes the students at Briar Woods “snow” unique. “Each student has a story to tell and we’re hoping to highlight our student body and how unique and diverse it is” Ms. Valleau, co-PEER advisor, said.


For the past two weeks, students in PEER have collaborated through research to find out how some of their favorite hobbies can have a positive impact on their mental health anywhere from baking to outdoor activities. Each fact was then written on clouds to put up on PEER’s bulletin board in the hallway outside of the cafeteria. Snowflakes were handed out to various students and they had the opportunity to fill out what makes them unique, which were then displayed on the board. “We split up into groups, divide and conquer and get things done more efficiently” Olivia Wagner, a junior PEER, said. 


Despite PEER working under the radar most of the time, it leaves lasting impressions on students. Aidan Luebke, a Briar Woods alumni and past PEER member, believes PEER provided him with a better understanding of his classmates and the issues some faced saying, “[PEER] overall made me want to be a kinder person and spread positivity.” One of Luebke’s favorite campaigns was making Pura Vida bracelets in order to promote positive friendships.


PEER will continue to support Briar Woods students in upcoming campaigns. Their February campaign aims to educate the school community on the importance of consent and healthy relationships. PEER is welcome to other ideas for future initiatives, so feel free to stop by L206 on B days during 6th block to share how we as students and staff can help better the lives of those around us.