Lauren Boebert’s Headway into Politics


Lalita Durbha, Reporter

Lauren Boebert, a name that is making headway in Republican politics. Despite running against five-year incumbent Diane Mitsch Bush, Boebert gained the majority vote and turned the 3rd Congressional district of Colorado red, bringing her “Pro-Freedom, Pro-Guns, Pro-Consitution” policies along with her. With headstrong conservative views, Boebert has pleased right-wing politicians and citizens alike.

Boebert, at heart, is a businesswoman. Prior to her run for Congress, she opened up a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado, colorfully named “Shooter’s Grill.” With “guns” as the primary theme of the restaurant, waitresses and hosts proudly don holsters with their favorite handguns as they greet and serve guests. Boebert came under fire of health officials, not due to the lack of safety presented by an overabundance of firearms as one may assume, but due to the restaurant’s continuance during a pandemic. Despite stay-at-home orders issued by Jared Polis, Democratic governor of Colorado, Boebert reopened Shooter’s Grill and welcomed indoor seating. This defiance gained the attention of Garfield County officials, earning Shooter’s Grill a restricting order, demanding Boebert stop serving dine-in customers. Boebert acquiesced and moved her tables outdoors to remain open for business. Ultimately, county officials temporarily suspended the restaurant’s license.

The defiance of Covid safety policies is not the only time Boebert has come under harsh scrutiny. Following the inserruction of the Capitol on January 6th, she received a slew of petitions pleading for resignation from Congress. On the morning of the violent act, Boebert tweeted out “This is our 1776.” She further incited the people participating in the insurrection to seek out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by publicizing Pelosi’s whereabouts during the attack. Her actions caused congresspeople, such as Colorado Democrat Jason Crow and South Carolina Republican Nancy Mace, to criticize and question her seat in Congress.

With Boebert’s promise to advocate for firearms – going as far as to carry her own in Washington D.C. – and strong Conservative views, she is locked, loaded, and far from giving up her seat in Congress.