Teachers Express Opinions on Homecoming


Photo by Hannah Hausch

Hannah Hausch, Reporter

On Sept. 27, Briar Woods High School kicked off Homecoming with the Met Gala spirit week. This concluded with the Homecoming dance held Saturday night, Oct. 1, at Briar Woods High School.

 Each day had its own theme. The week began on Tuesday with 80’s day, followed by “On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” day, Celebrity day and Class Colors day. 

“On Wednesdays We Wear Pink” day has been a long standing tradition among the other days. Pink day in itself is unique during spirit week because it brings awareness to breast cancer. These spirit weeks, altogether, bring excitement and camaraderie for the homecoming event. 

Among the staff, there was also a feeling of fanfare. “Last year, I thought anything but a backpack was really cool. It was really creative to see what they came up with. I like ones that are more creative… more generic… ones that can apply to almost anybody,” said Linda Gross, a history teacher. 

Since many college students have just entered their first year, “…I believe that homecoming is not appropriately timed. Homecoming is supposed to be when returning alumni come back to visit… that is why it’s called home-coming,” explained Cristina Mai, an English teacher. The majority of people hold their own opinions and preferences on homecoming and the opinions vary. 

Most people felt that the event was a successful one. Take for example, the thoughts of a participating student that truly enjoyed the homecoming event. “It’s a fun thing that every high schooler should experience once in a lifetime because you make good times and memories with your friends and even other people,” stated Marwa Noori, a junior at Briar Woods. 

Overall, the attendees at homecoming were diverse and included most of the school. The early October homecoming event included grades 9-12 experiencing special, social connections with each other, new bonds, and memorable times.