A Week of Wins for Varsity Volleyball


Grace Luebke, Reporter

Briar Woods’ varsity volleyball team, coached by Joe Riggio, played exceptionally well last week against Broad Run and John Champe.

Last Tuesday, varsity volleyball competed against the Spartans [Broad Run] at home, coming out on top in just three sets. Winning the first set 25-20, the Falcons played fabulously against the fierce Spartans. However, Broad Run came back stronger in the second set. But that did not stop the Falcons from fighting til the end, winning 25-23. The third and final set was another close one, with Briar only beating Broad Run 26-24. Seniors Sydney Prezioso, Calla Chung, Jamie Pak, and Vanessa Osae played phenomenally during these three sets.

The following night, the Falcons played at home once again, this time against the John Champe Knights. Another three set victory led by Seniors Jamie Pak and Sydney Prezioso. They achieved an easy win in the first set, trailing ahead 25-16 and even more so in the second, winning 25-10. The third set sealed their final game of the week, 25-15.

It is not all about winning for these girls; it is also about maintaining a positive team dynamic. “I love the environment that we create,” Senior Jamie Pak said, adding “We are all so supportive and it makes it so much fun!” Working together on and off the court is what drives this team, but no team is without their set of obstacles. When asked about the difficulties of her position, Sophomore Shannon Callaghan said “the most difficult part about playing [her] position (middle hitter) is having to watch the other setters’ hands.” She continued to elaborate on how keeping a specific watch on the setter’s hands helps her “make split second decisions on where to block.” 

“The wins from last week were definitely a step in the right direction,” said Pak. “The past two wins have definitely helped the team regain confidence in ourselves and each other,” Callaghan added. The girls are optimistic and ready for another week of games.

Want to come out and support the Briar Woods volleyball team? Catch them tonight at 6:45 playing the Independence High School Tigers in the main gym at Independence. Make sure you show up decked out in your best tropical outfits! Tickets are sold at the door. More information on upcoming games can be found at https://bwhsports.org/main/teamschedule/id/14323/seasonid/4645664. Let’s continue to support our lady Falcons!