On-Site Workers Keep LCPS Running Smoothly

On-Site Workers Keep LCPS Running Smoothly

Anna Chung, Reporter

On March 23th, Governor Ralph Northam issued a statement that drastically altered the course of the rest of the academic school year, effectively shutting down all Virginia schools. This news was taken as well as it could have been under the circumstances. While everyone understood why these drastic measures had to be taken, students and faculty alike were nonetheless dismayed at the abrupt and unexpected ending to their 2020 school year. 

However, while this directive barred students and teachers from returning to school, pushing learning to online platforms, there are others whose jobs require them to be physically present in LCPS, such as administrators, secretaries, bus drivers, custodians, and school nutrition workers. Despite the risk to themselves, many continue to work in order to ensure the wellbeing of the schools and its students, providing meal service, information, sanitation, Chromebooks, and more.

In one of their virtual meetings, LCPS Board members recognized the risk posed to on-site workers, and as such, they voted unanimously to continue beneficial programs until May 23, among them the COVID-19 Time Limited Emergency Pay. This program doubles the pay for hourly, non-exempt individuals whose jobs require them to physically report to their work site. 

Thanks to these employees, LCPS has been able to continue running smoothly and providing the education and care for their students that they always have. Through their continued work, LCPS has been able to continue providing students with meal service with pick up at various schools between 8am-1pm, and all students have been provided with Chromebooks to allow for the smoothest transition to online learning. As the end of spring break nears, students are now poised and ready to resume classes and begin learning new material.