Taste of Hong Kong: Restaurant Review


Falcon Flyer Staff, Reporters

After two flat tires, a call to AAA, and a dangerous venture down 28, the Falcon Flyer staff successfully arrived at Taste of Hong Kong, a Chinese restaurant in Chantilly. However, the struggle was worth it thanks to the charming atmosphere, attentive servers, and of course, the incredible food. 

Decorative pieces that portrayed famous locations in China embellished the environment. The food quickly arrived at the table, creating a fresh aroma of vegetables and spices that filled the air. The arrangement of flavors was delectable; the shrimp sweet and creamy, the tofu spicy and savory. Although the quantity of vegan and vegetarian dishes was slightly limited, the quality of the food was delightful. The lazy susan atop the table made it easy for the newspaper staff to share the dishes, and they’d be lying if they said they didn’t get amusement from spinning it about. Everyone got to have a bit of each plate, providing a truly authentic experience. 

The pricing was fairly reasonable, with each dish priced at around fifteen dollars. The food was served in ample portions, large enough that the six members of the newspaper staff couldn’t finish any of the dishes. The location of the restaurant was very convenient, placed near an Asian grocery mart called Lotte, and next to a Korean dessert and beverage cafe. The cafe, Who Seek, was a confectious contrast to the savory meal in the minutes before. After the order was placed, the Falcon Flyer staff was directed to a concealed back room that felt magical and mysterious in nature. It was spacious and modern with a beautiful pastel theme. The wide range of drinks, desserts, and pastries were both unique and delicious.

It is safe to say that both establishments are wonderful on their own, but provide for an incredible blend of flavors in conjunction.