Briar Woods Cheer Took on States Once Again


Briar Woods Cheer Twitter Photo

Lalita Durbha, Reporter

Briar Woods took cheer by storm this year. After an incredibly successful season, the Briar Woods cheer team made it to states. This was the fifth year that the team has made it to states, continuing to be a top team in the region. Hard work and consistent second place wins prepared the team for a good outcome. The competition took place at VCU, Saturday November 9 at 3:15 pm.

Coach Curry, the head coach of varsity cheer, has been impressed by their work in the season. “As far as as team unity and bonding, they are a great team and they work[ed] really hard and really well together,” she said. 

With a team made up mostly of returning members, the cheerleaders got a chance to learn and grow together. “I think compared to last year, the majority of my team has returned so we only ha[d] a few new people on the team. We gelled really well together and we work hard, especially because so many of the kids are returners.” 

Although they placed fifth at states, they have consistently come in second all season long. They were always just a couple points away from first place, but the optimism never died down. “This past season was amazing,” said senior Sam Crittenden. “I don’t care what the outcome was because this was the hardest working team I’ve ever seen.” 

The cheer team continues to impress and captivate the Briar Woods community with their achievements.