A Review: Briar Woods’ Production of Twelve Angry Jurors


Anna Chung, Reporter

What is reasonable doubt? 

Twelve jurors attempt to answer this question in Briar Woods’ adaptation of the 1957 film Twelve Angry Men.

Twelve Angry Jurors, (the title changed due to the presence of women), features a diverse range of characters of all ages and backgrounds. The twelve individuals discuss the guilt or innocence of an inner city teen boy in the murder of his father. One lone juror who believes in the possibility of his innocence is tasked with presenting evidence in a new light.

The show was enjoyable for all ages, with a constant flow of conversation and several tense moments onstage. The audience had a great view of the actors themselves, with the audience on risers set up on the stage as the acting occurred in front of them further backstage.

The drama department worked hard as always to rehearse nearly every day, some days staying until 10PM. This show in particular posed unique difficulties. “It was a challenge because all twelve jurors were on stage throughout the entire show so you [couldn’t] break character,” said senior Tanvika Vegiraju. “You had to stay fully engaged for the entire ninety minutes.” However, their hard work ultimately paid off, and each actor successfully brought their characters to life on set.

Students and parents left with smiles and flowers as they waited in the foyer to congratulate the actors. All who came out to watch are eagerly looking forward to Briar Woods’s next production. In the meantime, anyone who missed the show can catch Twelve Angry Jurors at Briar Woods this weekend because it is, without a doubt, a great performance.