Successful Blood Drive: A Follow-Up


INOVA Blood Donor Services Logo

Anna Chung, Reporter

Key Club set up their blood drive in the aux gym this past Wednesday. “Turnout [was] pretty good,” said Key Club sponsor Ms. Gross. “Nearly all of our appointments [were] full.”


INOVA staff populated the gym, taking special care of the blood donors. “It was my first time donating blood and the staff reassured me when I got scared,” said junior Lalita Durbha. “They made the process go a lot smoother.”


Students were first tested to ensure they were valid blood donors, before moving to a chair where their blood was drawn. 


“The blood is generally used by INOVA for surgery patients and whatever else they need in the hospital,” said Ms. Gross. According to INOVA’s website, every two seconds someone in the US needs blood and Briar Woods students rose to the challenge. 


“It felt good to be donating to a good cause,” said senior Veda Parvatheneni. It was her first time giving blood as well, and she had a positive experience. She chose to donate during third block, during which Key Club replenished students’ energy with juice boxes and a pizza lunch.


“It’s a really easy thing to spend an hour doing, and blood is always needed,” Ms. Gross said. Briar Woods Key Club’s blood drive was a success, and they are looking forward to an even bigger turnout next year.