Activity Block, A Success

Karissa Yeskis and Lalita Durbha

To kick off the second year of Advisory at Briar Woods High School, the Student Council Association and the Student Advisory Planning Team decided to try something new. The first year of Advisory was filled with lesson plans and videos about self-improvement. To change things up, SAPT has taken an initiative to try and make Advisory a more interactive experience for students. This transition led to the change in October 9th’s activity period, when instead of participating in clubs or advisory, students participated in various teacher-led activities around the school. 

By scanning QR codes, students were able to choose activities such as college essay writing, board games, Spanish sing-a-long, basketball, and many more. 

“I felt like I had so many options, I didn’t know what to choose!” said Briar Woods sophomore Beth Sopp.

In the Star Wars Trivia and Archetype Studies group, led by Mr. Whittaker, students participated in a competitive game testing their Star Wars knowledge. “I loved it. I got to pick something I liked and be around students with interests similar to mine. I think it builds community because people from different age groups came together around one commonality,” said Mr. Whittaker.

This event gave students an opportunity to not only pick an activity of their choice, but a chance to be in an environment where they might see a familiar face.“̈It was a nice change to be actively involved and get to socialize at the same time, ̈ said Briar Woods junior Akshata Manjunath.

When asked about making activity block a regular occurance, Briar Woods junior Aditi Garg said, “I would definitely love to do activity block again. Next time, maybe the activities could be split with grades so that I could be with more of my friends.”

So far, it looks like activity block has been a success, and Briar Woods students can look forward to similar events in the near future.