Ex-Redskin Launches A Pizza Restaurant in One Loudoun

Maria Chica, Reporter

Santana Moss, a former wide receiver for the Washington Redskins, launched his new restaurant, 89 Pizza, Wings, and Football on Sept. 28 in One Loudoun, located in Ashburn, VA. 

His restaurant is in collaboration with Spinfire Pizza, a build-your-own-pizza restaurant, and is meant to be a rebrand, in order to bring a sports-bar feel to the atmosphere. In a recent Loudoun Times-Mirror article, Moss was quoted as saying that he and his team were “proud and thrilled to introduce 89 Pizza to One Loudoun.” 

Moss has been involved in the community since his days with the Redskins, mostly in his 89 Ways to Give foundation a couple of years ago. This foundation, according to its website, wants to “inspire hope, create everlasting bonds, enhance the quality of life, and empower everyone in our community.” It also offers volunteer and donation opportunities. 

Whether you enjoy pizza, are a football fan, or both, you may want to visit this new restaurant and support the community business.