Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Niemann


Sophie Poveda-M'Bale and Karissa Yeskis

  • In her free time she likes to… ski, travel and cook.
  • Before Briar Woods she… worked at Briar Woods and Valley, and back again.
  • Her favorite subject in school was… English. 
  • She is from… France.
  • She grew up in… right outside of Paris.
  • Pets : a labrador/boxer mix, named Roxy.
  • Siblings : 1 sister
  • She went to college at…UVA.
  • She wanted to be a teacher because…she substituted for a French class on short notice and fell in love with teaching.
  • Her favorite thing about learning the subject she teaches is… she learns more about French current events in her AP classes, but is fluent in the language. 

If she had to teach another subject she would teach… history.