A Hollywood Star Helps Parkview’s Football Team

Phillip Kao-Johnson, Reporter

Parkview’s football lineup was in dire straights last year. This led celebrity, and high school alumni, Hilarie Burton to make a surprise visit at the school pep rally. 

Parkview High School didn’t have a football team last year because hardly anyone tried out. Burton, and another alumni, Tony Canonico, sought to change that. They started an organization with other  post-grads, and the Sterling community, in order to raise funds to reestablish the program and make it better. 

Hilarie Burton is an actress and producer, and is well known for her roles on Total Request Live, Our Very Own, The List, and One Tree Hill. Burton graduated from Parkview in 2000, and was the student council treasurer, vice president, and president while she was there. Even though she made it big in Hollywood, she took a special interest in helping restore the Parkview football team for the current students.

Burton was able to speak up and raise awareness because of her Hollywood status. Her organization’s goal was to raise $10,000 for the football team, but it managed to surpass that with an amazing $15,164 raised. In addition to raising money, the NFL Players Association helped buy equipment for the team. Other organizations such as, Play To Win and Loudoun Sport Angels covered the cost of sending the players to football camp. And even Nike stepped up to the plate with a 40% discount on their cleats. This money and support from the community allowed Parkview to field a varsity team this fall. Loudoun Now quoted Burton to say “I think this is going to be a great rebuilding year,” Burton said. “I see all the folks in this room and I am just so, so grateful.”Parkview is equally grateful for her.

Burton stated in Loudoun Now “It wasn’t the kids who weren’t showing up,” “It was us. It was the adults. And so now that we’re all on the same team, we’re all supportive and we’re all excited, I’m really proud to see how this whole program is moving forward.” Burton, along with Canonico, Principal Kirk Dolson, NFL Players Association Business Development Manager Cary Grossart, and  football’s own Clinton Portis, appeared at Parkview to celebrate the formation of the new football team.