Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Bridges


Sophie Poveda-M'Bale and Karissa Yeskis

  • In her free time she likes to… travel, read, take photos and watch tv. 
  • Before Briar Woods she… working at Potomac Falls for 10 years, and Hampton Rhodes. 
  • Her favorite subject in school was… English. 
  • She is from… Pensacola, Florida. 
  • She grew up in… Pensacola, Florida.
  • Pets : She doesn’t have time for pets.
  • Siblings : 3 step sisters, 3 half sisters, and 1 half brother. 
  • She went to college at…Florida State.
  • She wanted to be a teacher because… she likes helping people.
  • Her favorite thing about learning the subject she teaches is… that there is real world application that other subjects don’t necessarily offer. 
  • If she had to teach another subject she would teach… a gourmet foods class.

Fun facts: Ms. Bridges has been to 41 countries, loves pop culture, her step-father was military, has lived in Guam for 2 and a half years, is allergic to cats, and she is the oldest sibling on her mother’s side.