Assistant Principal Spotlight: Mr. Washington


Sophie Poveda-M'Bale and Karissa Yeskis

Mr. Washington – Assistant Principal

  • In his free time he… likes to spend time with his family.
  • Before Briar Woods he… worked at Parkview High school. 
  • His favorite subject in school was… math. 
  • He is from… Virginia.
  • He grew up in… Prince William County. 
  • Pets : Great Dane named Coco, 3 years old
  • Siblings : One older brother and one Older sister, both are also in the education field
  • He went to college at… Radford University.
  • He wanted to be an assistant principal because… had a teacher who had a big influence on me, and both his parents are educators. 
  • His favorite thing about being an assistant principal is … getting to know the students.
  • If he wasn’t the assistant principal he would… be a teacher, so he could be with the kids.