Rally Up for Homecoming

Phillip Kao-Johnson and Lalita Durbha

The deafening shouts echoed around the gym as students competed for the immaculate spirit stick. The pep rally last friday was filled with excitement and competition. 

Homecoming is preceded by a pep rally consisting of games, spirit stick, and court announcements. The Briar Woods band and cheerleaders kicked off the 2019 year with a warm welcome of song and dance. This transitioned into the main attraction: the announcement of Homecoming king. The queen was revealed later at the football game. This year, Xander Quadt was chosen as the senior Homecoming King. 

“I was not expecting to win; I thought it was going to be Chris Torre. I even said that to my girlfriend beforehand,” Quadt said. Both Quadt and his girlfriend ran for king and queen. Naturally, he wanted her to win. “I don’t want to slow dance with anyone else.” They had spread the word hoping to win the election, asking friends and posting on social media.

Following the announcement, SCA students and teachers began a competitive game of Four Square. The seniors were overjoyed in their victory. However, this game wasn’t the last. Nydia Myles won Blindfolded Musical Chairs, which ended in an uproar of people storming the gymnasium floor, while Hungry Hungry Hippo resulted in a tie between Juniors and Sophomores. Spirit Stick, a tradition held at Briar Woods since its foundation, was won by the seniors. To end the rally, the student body beautifully sang the Briar Woods alma mater. 

With homecoming a day away, the pep rally got students and teachers alike into the school spirit. Pep rallies and homecoming have been around for over a century, and Briar Woods carried out the tradition spectacularly.