Briar Woods Varsity Girls Lacrosse Falls to Potomac Falls


Rylyn Christopher, Reporter and Social Media Manager

On Friday, April 14, Briar Woods Varsity Girls lacrosse faced off against Potomac Falls in a regular season matchup. The Falcons had just come off of a 19-5 win against Park View, and were hoping to keep the momentum going and win again. 

From the first draw, Potomac Falls dominated the offense. By the middle of the first half, the score was 5-0 with Potomac Falls in the lead. The game continued with Briar playing defense. The Falcons did not give up, senior defensive player Synclare Guillory’s coverage was excellent and it forced the Panthers to drop the ball. However, Potomac Falls was unstoppable, dominating the first half.

During halftime, Briar Woods needed to regroup and figure out how to adjust to Potomac Falls’ style of play. The Panthers were passing effectively which allowed them to get the ball to the goal each time. 

Potomac Falls continued to increase their lead by two goals early in the second half. There was 13:50 minutes left in the second half when senior midfielder and attacker Delainy Prosper scored Briar’s first goal. One minute later freshman defensive player Cara Roser scored, making the score 12-2. The game continued to go back and forth and neither team was able to score. Potomac Falls finally scored with a little under six minutes to go. The final score was 13-2. Although Briar Woods suffered a tough loss, they tried their best until the very end. 

Reflecting on the game, “I think we could have defended a little better and stayed more man on man instead of staying back. I also think with transition passes we needed to connect it all the way down the field instead of running down the field” said Guillory.

Additionally, Head Coach Lauren Kuzma added by saying “I think we need more communication, but our weaknesses are really on draw control and getting the ball down the field on offense.” 

Avid Falcons lacrosse fan and parent Briana Prosper said, “I think the team has improved greatly this season especially coming in with a lot of inexperienced players, they have really grown. The next step is they are doing a lot of caused turnovers but they need to get possession of the turnovers, and I think that could make a big difference in the next game.”

Briar Woods plays on May 2 and will go up against Independence High School. Be sure to come out and support your Falcons!