How has life changed from before Covid-19 to now?


Anannya Jadhav, Reporter

March 12, 2020. A date no student in LCPS wants to remember. The day that schools closed, and didn’t open for over a year. It’s been over three years now since that fateful day. People all over the world have been impacted by Covid-19, but what if Covid has brought some good changes with it too? 

When Covid first hit, everyone was under the illusion that it would just be a month-long thing. But as one month turned into two, and two turned into twelve, it was evident that Covid wasn’t going away so easily. As a result, many people started picking up habits that would stay with them long after Covid ended. 

“I’m more careful with my hands, because Covid made me realize that everything has germs and viruses,” said Elisa Monteserin, a freshman at BWHS.

Just practicing better hygiene wasn’t the only habit picked up, however. Because quarantine was essential during some of the worst parts of Covid, many relationships took a hit. The only way people could stay connected was through electronics. 

“A habit I picked up from Covid is checking my phone more because that’s how we communicated during Covid,” said Caitlin Sikora, a sophomore at BWHS.

Due to the changes  the world had to make to adjust to life with Covid, some major life-changing decisions took place. Many people couldn’t play a contact-sport they were playing their entire life, instead having to find other things to do.

“I never would have thought that I would quit basketball for softball,” said Sophia Castellon, a freshman at BWHS.

Decisions that can’t be taken back were made, but maybe there are some things that could be done better. During Covid, people were so concerned and worried about things that might not have ended up mattering in the long-term.

“If I had to do it again, I would tell myself to stay focused on softball and school,” said Riya Cherukuri, a freshman at Rock Ridge High School.

School was a big point of interest during Covid, as we had to do the entire 2020-2021 school year online. Many students wanted to go back to school, saying that online school was making it hard to learn. 

“I hated school. I still have a little resentment at the school for that online year, I barely learned anything,” said Sophia Castellon.

Online school was by far one of the worst experiences that most students went through. But was that because of the fact that it was online, or was it because students didn’t take time to look at what they had?

“I would try to enjoy online school more, everyone was so anxious to go back to school, that no one really got to enjoy that we were able to stay home and do whatever we wanted to,” said Elisa Monteserin. 

Everyone has come on their own journey throughout Covid, whether it was focused on school, sports, or health. One thing is consistent, however, and that is that everyone has changed. Those changes could be good or bad, but they’re changes we have to live with for the rest of our lives. So maybe it’s time to start thinking about how you have changed over the past three years.