Inspirational Women Displayed for Women’s History Month


Photo Courtesy of Nevie Billis

Nevie Billis, Reporter

For the month of March, the Female Health and Wellness club decorated the display case in front of the school with inspirational women throughout history. This recognition of women dates back to 1987, when Congress declared that March would be officially recognized as Women’s History Month. All across history, there are women who have made great contributions to the world in their respective fields. This month is all about recognizing these women who have shaped the world into the way we know it today. 

“My inspiration was Mother Nature, the Earth provides for its people as a mother provides for her children,” said the sophomore founder and president of the Female Health and Wellness club Nena Sana Abdul. Abdul was the one to take initiative and ask for the club to be given the permission to decorate the case. It is important to showcase these women because they “have all made a huge impact on society and I think it’s important to recognize them and their accomplishments,” she said. 

These days, Women’s History Month doesn’t appear to hold much prevalence in society. “It’s honestly like every other month to me, I feel like it isn’t recognized enough and my goal is to change that,” said Abdul. 

One important woman to Abdul is Marjane Strapi, an artist, director, and writer who explores the gaps between the East and the West. “I watched her movie and studied her books about growing up as a young girl in Iran and her story honestly inspired me, she pushed past all the discrimination she faced for her gender and continued to share her story and I believe that is truly admirable,” she said. 

An anonymous member of the Female Health and Wellness club shared their insights as to why it is important to showcase the women featured in the display case.

“It’s important to [do so] because acknowledging women’s accomplishments broadens the horizons for what young girls believe to be possible,” they said. To them, Women’s History Month means “recognizing women from all different walks of life and celebrating their achievements.”

The member finds their mom to be the woman they look up to the most, saying that “she has taught me that hard work is the only way to achieve your dreams, but also to take things one at a time and to be patient not only with myself but with others.”

In an interview with Survey Monkey, Chief Legal Officer Lora Blum shares her take on Women’s History Month. “I’ve learned that looking back on history is so important not only to see how far we’ve come, but also where we’re at risk of repeating the same mistakes. There’s certainly a good deal to celebrate in terms of women’s progress, but we also need dedicated time to focus on and amplify women’s voices—and to hold our leadership in business and politics accountable,” she said. She added that her woman of inspiration is Frances Perkins, former U.S. Secretary of Labor, and mentioned that “we could learn a lot from how she navigated the challenges of the Great Depression and championed the policies that ultimately pulled the US economy out of that crisis.”

In all, it is very much appreciated that the Women’s Health and Wellness club has taken the time to plan out and create a display case that is both aesthetically pleasing and educational. Please, take the time to visit and learn more about incredible women throughout history.