What Are the Most Popular Movie and Book Genres for Teenagers?

What Are the Most Popular Movie and Book Genres for Teenagers?

Anannya Jadhav

In a poll of students at Briar Woods high school, horror movies are the most preferred movie genre among teenagers. In fact, 60% of high schoolers prefer horror movies. But it’s so different for books. Only 12% of teenagers like horror books. 

According to the website, The Numbers, adventure is the most watched and liked movie genre for all ages. However, a study conducted polling Briar Woods students indicates the most liked genre among high school students is horror. 

“Watching horror movies with your friends is similar to going on a roller coaster, except it’s a roller coaster of emotions,” said Elisa Monteserin, a freshman at Briar Woods High School.

  Even though horror is the most liked movie genre, the survey also found that teenagers actually prefer other genres when reading a book. Most high schoolers at Briar Woods find that reading horror books doesn’t give them the same feeling as watching a horror movie. 

“You don’t get the same experience of watching a horror movie when reading a horror book. The jump-scares and the fear that make horror movies so good is gone,” said Monterserin.

In a poll of Briar Woods students, the survey found that adventure books were one of the most liked by high schoolers. Adventure books contain a main character who overcomes challenges and goes on a journey.

“Long story short, adventure books are fun. You can imagine yourself in the characters’ positions, and you can indirectly feel that adrenaline rush from your own home,” said Briar Woods sophomore Arjun Bakhale. This was a repeated theme with other adventure book lovers.

The second most liked book genre was fantasy. Fantasy can be any type of fiction, but it has to have the element of magic. The survey found that this element is what makes fantasy books so desired.

“I like fantasy because it expands your level of imagination. It’s also easier to read a fantasy book than to watch a fantasy movie, because you can imagine whatever you want while reading a book,” said Monteserin.

Most high schoolers who had different preferences for books and movies had the same explanation. Additionally, students said that watching movies creates an image in one’s mind that one can’t change, and there’s no room for imagination. Yet many high schoolers at Briar Woods preferred watching movies over reading books. 

“I prefer watching movies because it’s much more entertaining in a short time. Reading a book drags on and takes time, time that I don’t have with studying for school,” said Bakhale.

The survey found that one’s preferences change when one gets older. Adults polled about their favorite book genre had the same response: Why would we like to read fantasy or adventure books and watch horror movies? 

“I find myself reading books and watching movies with more mature themes. I think this is because it’s just a preference of age. In high school I would have thought this stuff was boring but it’s just more mature,” said Isha Jadhav, a college graduate.

Teenagers have different preferences than adults. For example, teenagers look to movies and books as sources of entertainment, whereas adults read books and watch movies that are relevant to them. “Books and movies are so similar, yet so different. But in the end, both books and movies completely engross you, until your daily life is influenced by them,” said Bakhale.