Varsity Football: Reinvented


Picture courtesy of Chuck Moore at Random Snaps Photography

Grace Luebke, Reporter

As football season kicks off yet again, Briar Woods’ varsity team takes flight with a 2 and 1 record. With a brand new coaching staff, team dynamic and star-studded playmakers, the Falcons continue to embark on their highly anticipated “revenge tour”.

Last season, with their record being 1-9, the Falcons were no stranger to loss. This losing streak served as a call to action and provided the realization that the team was in desperate need of some tender, loving care. Head Coach Michael Burnett spent the offseason mapping out his vision for the upcoming year. Beginning with the complete reinvention of his coaching staff. “We looked for coaches who want to build that team culture,” Burnett said. Briar’s new and improved coaching staff spend countless hours recrafting the team and working with the managers in order to produce their best athletes come game day.

A new source of stamina must come from somewhere, but it isn’t due to a change in plays. Marcus Roser, a senior offensive lineman, believes that the team’s dedication to one another and passion toward hard work is what has drastically changed the team’s dynamic. “We as a team have gotten much more physical and strong on the field,” Roser said. Roser explained in an interview that Coach Burnett has yielded using new schemes or play calling, but instead focuses on enhancing the team’s current abilities. As a third year varsity player, Roser refines his game each season through weightlifting, dieting and working out. “It takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it’s starting to really pay off,” Roser said.

Although no new schemes have been introduced, an up and coming player has entered the field. Brady Carmical, the starting quarterback as a sophomore, is one of the main playmakers this season. The strapping offensive linemen paired with talented receivers gives him the opportunity to showcase his impressive arm. In game one against Broad Run, Carmical completed a 78-yard touchdown pass to fellow sophomore, Colin Capistrant. This pass was the first shift in culture for the team, with Marcus Roser saying “it really opened us up, and I got that feeling where everything felt worth it.” As a second year varsity player, Carmical has gained an immense amount of support and guidance from the coaches and upperclassmen. “I have learned that regardless of the outcome of each play, series or game, my coaches and teammates are there to support me and have my back,” Carmical said.

This season, the players are closer than ever. Marcus roser believes that “everyone has made a commitment to the team, and we have all worked very hard to get this team turned around.” In order to create a strong bond on and off the field, the team spends almost every day together, either putting work in at practice or socializing at team dinners. Coach Burnett prioritizes the guys playing for each other as a team. This is a major component to their newfound success. The Falcons show vast amounts of promise this season. With clear eyes, full hearts and a selfless approach to the game, the Briar Woods varsity football team is a force to be reckoned with. “It’s a “revenge tour” and we have a great chance to show those teams and all of Virginia that we’re a team that needs to be taken seriously,” Carmical said. 

As students, continue to show support for the team by coming out to games. Find any information at the Briar Woods football Instagram account, @briarwoodsfootball. Also, purchase game day tickets at