Is Rain Ruining the Season?


Grace Luebke, Reporter

With spring sports in full swing, many student athletes have been hitting home runs, scoring goals, and rowing through Virginia’s waters. However, Mother Nature is not in the spring sport’s favor.

For the past few weeks, baseball, softball, and soccer games- along with crew and track meets have been canceled due to inclement weather. Not only has it affected games but also practices, which have been moved indoors. Sophomore Kiersten Masse said, “Lots of practices have been moved indoors, which makes it hard to run through real-game situations.”

Baseball and softball are the most commonly affected sports. This is due to the grass and dirt fields. Sports played on turf, such as lacrosse and soccer, are less likely contenders for cancellation, but there are still dangers to playing on wet turf. Sophomore Carter Gillie says that playing soccer on wet turf is “very difficult and makes the ball slippery and hard to control.” This not only makes for a difficult game but can lead to a higher risk of injury.

There is talk of Briar Woods gaining turf baseball fields like newer schools within the county. But until then, players must hope Mother Nature is on their team.