Liquid Smooth


Christina Klimova, Intro Reporter

Mitski’s song Liquid Smooth from the album Lush is considered the best song on her album. Mitski is a 31 year old song-writer who writes alternative/indie music. Most of the singer’s music is sorrowful and beautiful at the same time; she’s known for her candid lyrics and catchy melodies. Mitski has released 6 albums and 16 singles. She self-recorded her first two albums. She wrote Liquid Smooth in her 20s; it is about beauty standards and being desirable. She talks about the time of her life when she feels the most attractive. She believes women in their 20s are the most alluring. 

In her song she sort of offers herself to somebody, “Come touch me too.” She’s feeling like a ripe plum that’s about to go bad. So she’s telling someone to catch her or at least take a picture. While this song is about beauty standards and feeling exorbitant, it is also about feeling lonely in some way because as I mentioned before, she is offering herself to someone and she wants someone to love her while she is at her peak. 

Ten years later in 2022, Mitski wrote a song, Working for the Knife, about being burnt out, which proves she fell off of her peak, just as she said in her song. 

Personally, Liquid Smooth is my favorite song by Mitski because it’s sad, powerful, and beautiful all at the same time. 

Liquid Smooth – Mitski