New Generation


Nick Lamkey, Intro Reporter

In the last four years the star Juice Wrld has been blowing up, especially among teens and young adults.The song is called Robbery. It came out in 2019 and was on The Death Race for Love album. It was the third addition to his discography, and in my opinion the best or at least second best Juice Wrld album that has officially been released. 

The songs on every album are vastly different, some of them being more upbeat and happy and others sad and sentimental. A lot of his songs focus on drugs and his addiction. He brings in personal experience to demonstrate how they should be avoided. Sadly, on December 8th 2019, while on Oxycodone and Codeine, he died of a seizure in the Chicago O’Hare Airport. 

Even though he died, there are hundreds of songs and full albums scheduled for release. Often the songs are leaked, put on websites,  and streamed to fans hungry for more of his amazing music. The song Robbery is a good example of his sad songs he has about relatable problems. It talks about a relationship he had with his ex-girlfriend. She dumped him, and, in the music video, marries someone else. His way of coping through this was drinking and wishing they could have stayed together. 

Many fans like this type of music because they’ve been through similar experiences, and it helps them during tough times. This is why he was able to build a loyal fan base that remembers him as a helpful man who was able to shed light on and raise awareness for mental health and drug abuse.