A Sky Full of Stars


Nevie Billis, Intro Reporter

Need the right party anthem? Look no further, this timeless song hits all the right notes.

Since forming in the mid 90’s, the band Coldplay has taken the world of alternative music by storm. With their catchy songs chock-full of personality and heart, it’s no wonder they’ve become torch-bearers for the rest of the genre. We can all see this through one of their most well known songs, A Sky Full of Stars, which topped the charts in numerous countries around the world.

Released in 2014 as part of Coldplay’s Ghost Stories album, the song quickly became one of the most popular across the globe. The combination of a good dance mix and a deeper meaning of love can be thanked for that. When the band’s frontman Chris Martin explained how the song was created, he said “It [needed] to be about unconditional love. There will be a point where [you say to yourself], ‘Ok, I got that out of my system. Now let’s go dancing.’” This song marks the first time the band has tried this kind of approach to their music, and the critical reception of it was phenomenal. 

This is one of my favorite Coldplay songs because of the energy it radiates. Personally, I believe the song emits the last day of school vibes, but those could be of any other joyful celebration. I also appreciate how the song has an equal balance between deep, meaningful lyrics and an upbeat tempo. The song talks about unconditional love, but it doesn’t get listeners thinking too hard because they’re too busy dancing to the cheerful rhythm. For those new to Coldplay, this is most definitely one of their top five best songs. So whether you’re taking the school bus home for the last time this year or throwing the pool party of the century, A Sky Full of Stars is what you want to have playing. Take a listen to the hit song here