Flock to Falcon’s Got Talent


Ryan Peele, Reporter

Have you ever dreamed of witnessing live performances of music in school — being able to appreciate the entertaining talents of your peers on the auditorium stage? Well, dream no more! During advisory this Wednesday, February 23rd, Briar Woods’ annual Falcon’s Got Talent is showcasing bands, solo artists, dancing, and even map experts!

Unlike last school year — when the talent show was held online and performed with pre-recorded videos — Falcon’s Got Talent is returning to its former glory: live performances in the auditorium! The performers and audience will get a much more in-person, lively experience. Certain acts will even need audience volunteers; you could be part of the show! Get ready to enjoy a much more vivid, concert-like atmosphere complete with cheering crowds, waving smartphone flashlights, and thunderous applause.

Performers and student government representatives are ecstatic for the in-person talent show! “We’re performing a song with a bunch of bodacious people, a bunch of bodacious dudes,” said junior and returning winner from last year, Ryan Vulgamore, a member of the band Inspectre. “We will win. We will crush our enemies, grind them to dust, I will send them into the sun, the radioactive volcano sun, do not underestimate me, I will find you, and I will say mean things to you!” 

“I’m going to be doing geography, naming world capitals and things in the countries and stuff like that,” said Arya Arun, Falcon’s Got Talent’s first-ever geography performer, in an SCA interview. 

“It’s not really an act, it’s an experience. Think about your very first memory as a child. Now, think of that if it was a person on stage performing an original song from his hit sophomore album, ‘Exit Suburbia’, that released last summer,” said junior Parth Chaudhary, AKA Foolish Desperado, a solo artist performing at the upcoming talent show. 

“I’m most excited to see the crowd’s reaction when I do my song…’Piano Man’ by Billy Joel,” said performer Alex Bradbury on a recent Student Council interview 

“We are all very excited for the show!” said SCA representative and junior Makenzie Zimmerman, “We have lots of singing acts but there are also some dancing and geography acts too.”

Tickets will be on sale during all lunch shifts this Friday, the 18th, so don’t forget to buy them on the way to the cafeteria! After watching every performance, attendees of the show will be able to vote via QR code on their favorite talent.

If you want to see invigorating performances by your peers and witness the event that students will be talking about for weeks, be sure to get your tickets and attend Falcon’s Got Talent on February 23rd. You don’t want to miss it!