Falcons Get First Conference Win of the Season


Eli Topper, Reporter

An 0-2 start in conference play left the Falcons varsity MBB to play in a must-win against Woodgrove, and they delivered. There was an immense amount of pressure on the Falcons to win their first conference game as they were about to fall to 0-3 and dig a deeper hole than they were already in. Coming into the game with their opponent [Woodgrove] struggling as well, a win can come a long way with the halfway mark of the season coming up. The first quarter was a tight contest with back-to-back baskets from each team on each possession. Both sides were lighting up the basket and it looked to be a high-scoring affair. By the second quarter, it was a struggle for both squads as shots were not falling and an overall collapse of offenses led to Woodgrove having a three-point lead by halftime. [23-20]

The struggle bus came to a stop in the third quarter as both Briar and Woodgrove seemed to have had a really good pep talk. The jitters from earlier in the game were out of the game and the third quarter ended with the most points scored between the two than any other quarter. As the fourth quarter came around, the Falcons woke up and didn’t hold back. The shots were falling, and the defense was picking it up. They [Falcons] started to pull away as the provoking Woodgrove team wouldn’t back down. If it wasn’t for the help of Junior Eamon Welsh late in the fourth, who knows if Briar would have stuck it out? The game ended with a 55-51 victory and a confidence booster for the Falcons in the coming days as their schedule doesn’t get any better any time soon. 

Speaking to multiple parents, one said, “ That was a tough win. It was a much-needed win with us [Falcons] being 0-2, and we got it done! He went on to say “[he] hopes that was a confidence boost for them. They still have to play Stonebridge twice, so hopefully, they will be reminded of this game as a difference-maker and go on a little winning streak.” Another parent added that even though it was a sloppy game, this win could mean something down the road later in the season. “It wasn’t the best of games from them, But a win is a win! Considering our schedule, I hoped this was one game we could have stolen before we had to play the big dogs of the division.” 

With the first conference win unlocked, the Briar MBB looks to keep their winning streak alive with one of the hardest schedules yet to play.