Preschool @ The Woods


Rylyn Christopher, Reporter

Many staff and students have inquired about the playground located on the right side of the building. Some have said it is unnecessary for high school students to have a dormant playground, but actually, it does have a purpose. Briar Woods’ preschool program is called Preschool @ The Woods and is operated by Diane Breinig and the early childhood education classes, which meet on B-Days and are composed of students in grades 10-12, who have already learned child-related expertise. The high schoolers create fun lessons that develop fundamental life skills. 

The high school students are continuing to build on the skills they have learned in Early Childhood I, another class at BWHS. And in still another class, called Teacher Cadet, students visit elementary schools nearby. Spending time at these schools observing classroom practices expands students’ knowledge; however, guiding preschoolers in the classroom is what really gives them a feel for what it’s like to be a teacher. 

The program is also invaluable for young ones just shy of kindergarten. Children ages three through five are eligible to enroll for a nominal fee and tuition. This year, the ratio is 9 preschoolers to 12 high school students. Students are paired up with a preschooler at the beginning of the year, and they complete activities together. In the morning, the children launch into art and science lessons followed by snack time. Afterwards, they often head to the library to explore books to foster an early love of reading. Lunchtime rolls around midday, followed by math and music lessons. In the spring, they take their boundless energy outside and onto the playground, where they can climb on the bars and coast down the slide. 

Many of the high school students genuinely love kids and enjoy the program. One of these students, junior Carley Lobb, says her favorite thing about the class is “probably doing all the lesson plans and teaching it to [the kids] and seeing the outcomes of the learning process.” The high school students love what they are able to do. If you have any questions, feel free to talk to an early childhood student or contact Mrs. Breinig at [email protected].