Dennis Blake: Mentoring Thru Sports Professional


Sophie Poveda-M'Bale, Reporter

Jamaica, along with the majority of countries in the Southern Hemisphere, has suffered immensely as a result of the Coronavirus. From lack of Internet, to unemployment and scarcity of income, the past year or so has been incredibly challenging. 

Dennis Blake, a teacher at Briar Woods High school, and his wife are co-founders of a nonprofit organization called Mentoring Thru Sports Professional, which initially worked to set up summer camps for elementary school students in disenfranchised communities. Their faith-based camps are one-week programs that switch locations every 2 years. The organization first began in 2012 in Jamaica and has expanded to incorporate other helpful donations and programs in many third-world countries. They donate books, clothes, and other necessities to schools and nearby communities. 

Due to the pandemic, many communities have experienced a variety of difficulties. When the former vice-principal of Blake’s primary school in Jamaica contacted him saying the school was short 20 iPads for students to be able to attend school virtually, he knew he had to help. He contacted his sister, and the two of them – along with other alumni – worked to donate 21 iPads to school. 

Charitable actions like these are not uncommon for Blake as their organization is now working on helping communities in St. Vincent, an island in the Caribbean. The island is in the midst of an active volcano and many families are being displaced as a result of ash and other residue. They have and will continue to send closet-sized boxes full of necessities to communities struggling to stay afloat. in the presence of a volcano in conjunction with a global pandemic. 

This organization is working to help communities that go unnoticed in major media; therefore, they do not receive as much assistance in their struggles. For everyone who wants to support this incredible initiative, your donations will fund international shipping and packaging to supply underprivileged communities with much-needed aid. 

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