What’s Going on in Tanzania? (Update)


Sophie Poveda-M'Bale, Reporter

For the majority of the last year, Tanzanian President John Magufuli ignored the existence and significance of the pandemic, which created issues for Tanzania’s economy as well as her citizens. His negligence also affected medical professionals, people who contracted COVID, and the political state of the nation. Tanzanians had to travel to neighboring nation Kenya to receive proper COVID care. Citizens opposed Magufuli’s actions, and many nations and organizations, without success, tried to convince him to accept COVID support such as vaccines. 

On March 17, 2021 President John Magufuli passed away due to heart complications after contracting COVID. Vice President Samia Suhulu Hassan has assumed the presidency and is taking an opposite approach to the pandemic and international affairs. She promises not to ignore the severity of the virus, as Magufuli did, and asks people refrain from comparing her to him. “Let me promise that I will frequently provide new updates on the disease from the committee in order to save the country from losing significant manpower and protect those in danger of contracting the disease,” Hassan said during a prayer meeting on Sunday, April 18th. 

In international relations, Magufuli adopted a fairly isolationist policy, claiming on multiple occasions that the international community had not benefited, rather directly harmed Tanzania. President Hassan, on the other hand, plans to reverse his actions saying, “We cannot isolate ourself as an island.” One example of her actions thus far includes resolving challenges on taxes and other issues with Barrick Gold Corp. and other mining joint venture partners. 

The nation will benefit from her administration as she plans to lead based on scientific research and reverse Magufuli’s ignorant actions, many of which have created lasting effects on the nation’s fundamental systems. 

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What’s Going on in Tanzania?