In Person Learning – A Student’s Perspective


Mark Artigas, Reporter

It has been about three weeks since high school students have returned to school in person. For many students this wouldn’t matter, but for those that have chosen the option, it’s been an interesting experience. 

Let’s walk through the day…

It begins with the buses, which have been modified so students are sitting in alternating seats. Private conversations are off the table. Let’s just say it’s a meditative time. 

Upon arrival at the school, it’s isolation eye candy. Reminders to social distance are everywhere. As people walk through the front doors of the school, an ominous machine takes students’ temperatures. Administrators and random adults watch us as we file in one by one. No hot students will make it into the hallway.  Reminders to “wear a mask” are plastered on lockers, doors, bathroom walls, and everywhere else the message can be taped. Floors are tattooed with arrows. Stay on this side, not on that side. No clumping. Clumping is a thing of the past. On the bright side, cartwheels during passing periods will likely not precipitate carnage. 

As I enter the classroom, I take a seat at the desk with a piece of plastic protecting students from clear views and disease. The loneliness of the classroom is apparent with only me and the teacher in a room alone. The day goes on like this until lunch arrives, when students arrive at the lunchroom they immediately notice the quietness of the cafeteria. They also notice that they get their food for free and in front of the lunchroom. The rest of the day goes by without much thought, well except for the migraine they may have, and then they return back to home, riding on the meditative bus home.

 On April 20th students who chose the option to go back to school 4 days a week will be experiencing this change, maybe not to this effect, but it makes no difference either way.