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Siri Kunuthur, Junior Reporter

Just eight days after the country had its first 100,000-case day, daily Coronavirus cases have soared above 160,000. Will we ever wake up from this nightmare?

On Wednesday, the United States reached a horrific landmark, passing 250,000 deaths linked to Coronavirus, with the figure predicted to keep climbing steeply as infections surge worldwide. Experts estimate that 2,000 deaths a day or more – matching or exceeding the spring high –  will soon be recorded by the government. They believe that 100,000 to 200,000 more Americans will die in the coming months depending on a few variables, including the severity of the cases, how often prevention steps are implemented, and whether a vaccine is launched.

Experts estimated at the beginning of the pandemic that millions would die and quickly recommended different safety measures. The wearing of masks and the recommended distance of six feet between people saved many lives. While unpopular, these measures were implemented quickly and with high compliance. Despite arguments over the legality of health measures, they have saved many lives during this emergency. The development of a vaccine is expected to make such measures less important as herd immunity will be reached. The COVID vaccine is the fastest in history to be developed and distributed with frontline healthcare workers receiving it already.

It will be distributed in a series of stages depending on the vulnerability of different groups. Medical workers will receive it first, followed by the elderly, first responders, and other vulnerable groups. The reason for this staggered release is that some groups are affected by COVID differently. Moreover, more lives will be saved if applied to those groups first. For example, some side effects caused by the Covid-19 vaccine are muscle aches and difficulty of breathing which can be life-threatening for elders and infants. While these side effects may not be harmful to mature adults, they may be lethal to other age groups. In addition, it is likely also an attempt to make sure the vaccine is distributed fairly and not sold purely for profit.

Despite some people spreading fear and doubt about the vaccine’s effectiveness or safety, many are still planning to take it. If the trials are accurate and it has a 94% effectiveness rate, the vaccine should still be capable of ending the pandemic and saving countless lives despite the efforts of some to undermine it. With the development of the new Covid-19 vaccine, this pandemic may soon be a thing of the past.