The Covid-19 Vaccine

Phillip Kao-Johnson, Reporter

Microchips controlled by Bill Gates? Probably not. The second Covid vaccine is up for approval by the FDA as we speak. This particular vaccine was developed by Moderna and the National Institute of Health, so Bill Gates has yet to implant his mind controlling chips. Pfizer has also been rolling out their vaccines for the virus that has changed the world. The second wave of doses were recently deployed, the vaccinated mostly consisting of health care workers.

Now that vaccines are finally getting approved and making their way to the public, who should get it next? This topic is highly contested; some experts are saying that essential workers are the ones who should get it next: grocery stores, public transport drivers and such because they  can’t work from home. However, there are also experts saying that the elderly, age 65 and above, should be next in line to get the vaccine. The elderly are dying at the highest rates. A federal panel of vaccination experts is attempting to conclude this dilemma of the inheritors of the next vaccination drops. Clair Hannan, the executive director that oversees state vaccination programs said, “I think we know this isn’t going to be perfect. We don’t have vaccines for everyone right away, so we’re going to have to make difficult decisions.” Even among the two demographics, essential workers and elderly, there are divisions on who will get vaccinated first. In Nevada, they decided that teachers and child care services will take priority over public transport workers and grocery clerks. These federal panel experts have been endorsed and follow the advice of the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), as evidenced by the health care workers who received the first wave of immunizations. However, the CDC director and the head of the advisory panel did not see eye to eye on who should get the second wave of vaccines.

There may be discrepancies among states on who should receive top priority, and this could cause some problems. If one state prioritizes the elderly over essential workers that neighbored a state that had opposing views, people may try crossing the border in order to receive their vaccines. An increase in travelling is a contradiction because it increases the chance of contracting the virus in pursuit of the vaccine.

While the government and people at risk argue over who is worthy of the next round of vaccinations, there are some who refuse to take it at all. The term “plandemic” is being used in reference to the coronavirus being a scam or hoax created by Microsoft creator and CEO, Bill Gates. Many believe that he created the virus in a lab in order to control the population or to benefit his own financial needs. The reasons for this surge of conspiracy theorists is due to the unknown nature of the Coronavirus itself. For the majority of this year, the virus has been shrouded in mystery and complication. After further research, statements made by health officials have been disproven. The opinions shared by Gates turned out to be false. The American people decided they needed to shift the blame on someone, and he was the perfect candidate. Gates’ 2010 Ted Talk certainly didn’t help matters; he claimed decreasing the  human population by 10 or 15 percent would lower CO2 emissions. He helped fund research and development of vaccines, which had been made suspiciously fast. However, the mRNA technology Pfizer utilized for the immunization had been in development for over two decades

Global research and funding resources expedited the development of the Coronavirus vaccine. Unfortunately, as cool as having Bill Gates be the evil villain of the world would be, he had nothing to do with infecting millions of people, and instead  aided in curing them.