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Faculty Shoutouts




Sra. Celis is a super fun teacher who takes our input into account and always has fun activities ready for us to do. I love how our class is centered around practicing our Spanish speaking because it lets us actually connect with our classmates as if we were in person.


Mr. Dietz, I was in your Algebra class as a freshman and your excitement towards your students’ successes has remained memorable. I remember one time I earned a perfect score on a test after much frustration. You personally emailed me to congratulate me and tell me you were proud of my progress. I tell that story all the time. Thank you for being an incredibly caring teacher. – Sophie Anne

Thank you Mrs.Downey for being a great teacher. I look forward to Bio and you make sure that everyone understands the content in fun and great ways. You have also always been so patient and understanding! I hope I get you next year for chem!!


Thank you Mrs. Eyerman for being such a flexible and patient teacher during these times. Your kindness inspired me to work my hardest and try my best in school. I liked math before, but now I love it because of how well you explain everything. Thank you so much! – From, Riley Kelly




Mrs. Haden, thank you for all the hard work you do for English classes. Your slideshows are always beautiful and helpful because of all the information on them.



Ms. Jackson is my amazing, beautifully raw, French III teacher. She’s not afraid to make herself vulnerable in front of her class or to share any and everything about herself with us. She makes sure we know that she struggles with not only what daily life has become but also with things that personally affect her. Which personally helps me feel less alone, more so than the “motivational quotes” every other teacher likes to spout. She makes sure to keep things fun, and she always lets us use the beginning of class to talk about how we feel and why. She gives you a sense of reality while also motivating you to pick yourself up. I’m really thankful for her. -Zymora Dean

Shoutout to Madame Jackson! Your classes are always interesting, and you make studying French fun!

Thank you Mrs. Jackson for all you’ve done to make our distance learning experience stress-free and interactive. It has helped me a lot as a student being in your class and I always look forward to it; I appreciate you so much 🙂 – Sofia Forhad

Thank you to the janitors that work hard during and after school you guys deserve the best <3


Mr. Kennedy, though I have only been in your class for a few days, your excitement is apparent. It is clear that you are truly interested in the subject you teach and want to spread said interest. I didn’t think I would enjoy economics and was only taking it as a graduation requirement, but your energy has truly piqued my interest. Thank you for all you do. – Sophie Anne


Zhao Laoshi, thank you for the past three years of amazing teaching. I have enjoyed every moment in your class and am so grateful to you for teaching me and others about the Chinese language and culture. 我感激你。- 苏菲 (I appreciate you. – Sophie)

Hi Senora Lelo. You are awesome and I think you’re doing an amazing job teaching us!

Ms. Lindo is a great Latin teacher who has helped me to understand more about the language. She always answers questions clearly and is considerate about due dates. School has been rough so far, and she’s always understanding the large amounts of stress caused by distance learning. Thank you, Ms. Lindo!


I don’t know if you still work at Mill Run, but thank you Mrs. Marquart for helping me adjust to Mill Run after I moved. You were a great 2nd-grade teacher, and I hope that you are living your best life.

Hello Mr. Minnick, this is Logan Thorp. I would like to thank you for everything you have done during this crazy pandemic for your students and their families. I would also like to thank you for helping me out and shouting me out in class. It is much appreciated. Coming into online as a freshman and as a completely new student was difficult, but with your help, it has made it easier for me. Continue what you’re doing for everyone, and hopefully, we can get everyone back in the building by next year.



Mrs. Oak is a wonderful teacher to have. She is very considerate and makes learning fun. I always look forward to fourth block. Thank you, Mrs. Oak! -Siri Kunuthur


Mrs. Poni is a very kind teacher who really cares for her students like no teacher I have ever had before. She always remembers which assignments her students have completed, and she always regards our mental health. She is a very good teacher.

“Mrs. Poni, thank you so much for being a hard-working and considerate teacher. I am so glad I got you as my Science teacher and greatly appreciate how you always want what’s best for your students. You make science enjoyable and Research Biology has definitely been one of my favorite subjects this year. Thank you and good luck on your maternity leave!”  From, Melissa Thomas

Mrs. Poniatowski, you always put so much effort into class and it definitely does not go unnoticed by students!! I truly enjoy attending every single class and will forever be grateful that you make difficult concepts easy and fun to understand!! One of the best science teachers I have ever had for sure! 🙂 – Sincerely, Nina Islam



Ms. Ramirez, probably the best Spanish teacher I have had so far and has been one of the most considerate teachers in my time in distance learning. She would allow time for me and probably other students to finish work, even past the deadline. Emailing her and getting a response has been one of the easiest parts of my distance learning experience. Her cracking jokes and being all the funnier has always lightened the load that I would carry for the rest of the morning. Getting my day started with a teacher like Ms. Ramirez is all the difference between a good day and a bad one. Thanks, Ms. Ramirez!

Mrs. Richardson is a helpful and caring teacher who works very hard to make sure students understand what she’s teaching. She calls on students to make sure that they are learning and paying attention. Mrs. Richardson reminds students when assignments are due. She also checks in on students to make sure they are doing alright or if they need help on anything.

Ms. Rosile is a wonderful art teacher who’s always calm and understanding. She has a positive attitude in every class, and art is always enjoyable with her. She is always willing to answer our questions and asks us multiple times in each class if we have any. I appreciate all of your kindness, Ms. Rosile!

Mrs. Rosile does a great job of conducting the class.

Ms. Rosile, thank you so much for being such an amazing and fun art teacher. I love getting to see you in advisory and art and you always make my day so much better. I wish I was able to actually be in your classroom; hopefully, I can in the future! – Avery Maltese 


Mr. Sarmento is a math teacher who I think has really made the school year better for me. I look forward to advisory in the morning and his class at the end of the day. He has made math less stressful for me by really showing that he truly cares about all his students’ success. He is also funny and approachable, and these traits make his class entertaining. Thank you, Mr. Sarmento! – Rylyn Christopher

Mr. Scarboro, thank you for being such a patient, flexible, and dedicated teacher. It is evident that you are very knowledgeable on the history content, and I appreciate you going out of your way to answer our questions and inquiries. Thank you so much, and I look forward to the rest of the year! From, Raaga Kodali

One teacher that I feel has made this distance learning experience a lot better is my history teacher Mr. Silliman. He has always been there if any student needed help and really tries his best to make his students succeed academically. He always makes an extra effort to make more detailed notes to help us study. He is also funny and receptive which makes his class entertaining. He has truly made this distance learning experience less stressful by being lenient with assignment deadlines. He also takes time to have office hours on Wednesday as well which is very helpful if I have any questions on assignments, quizzes, and tests. Thank you, Mr. Silliman! I appreciate your hard work and dedication – Shahnoor Qazi

Shout out to Mrs. Stes for always keeping us positive and making a fun learning environment!!!!

Mr. Synoracki, shout out to you and your awesome history class!! I love the couple of minutes at the beginning of class when we all just talk about what we feel and what’s the latest with school. You’re always so fun to listen to and such an amazing teacher! – Best, Skyler Riggio 


Shout out to Mr. Tangredi for making the class fun and getting to know everyone one of us individually.

Hi Mr. Traynham. You are an amazing teacher who always makes class fun and exciting.

Hi Mr. Traynham! You are an amazing teacher who makes every class fun. That speech you gave in the beginning of semester 2 was really inspirational and amped me up for the future. P.S. I haven’t failed the phone detox yet.

Mr. Traynham is a Spanish teacher who really cares for his students. He is very considerate and always makes sure we have fun during classes. He is very social and likes to talk to his students. This is my third year taking Spanish but I’ve never really felt the subject was fun till I had Mr. Traynham. I appreciate everything you do for our classes. Thank you, Mr. T! 

I always look forward to Mr.T’s classes. He is so engaging, and I feel comfortable unmuting to say something in his class, which can be hard these days. I know he is also someone I can go to if. I need help or am having a rough day.



Mrs. Vazquez, thank you for your constant reassurance and compassion. You are always trying to accommodate your student’s stress levels and reassure them that you will do all you can to help us succeed. Thank you, I appreciate your kindness. – Sophie Anne


Shout out to Mr. Whitacre for making us think at a high level and for teaching us about world events!! Also, you come up with some mean Haikus!!!

Mr.Whitacre is a great teacher; he works really hard to make sure that every student gets their voice heard, and he makes the lessons enjoyable by interacting with everyone in the class.

Mrs. Wolfe, thank you for making science so joyful and vibrant. Because of your enthusiasm and positivity, Environmental Science is my favorite science course I’ve ever taken. Thank you. – Sophie Anne




More Shoutouts!

Mrs. Pond and Mrs. Valleau, thank you for caring so much. Even with the limited interaction, we have been able to achieve this year, I can tell you genuinely want the best for your students. I appreciate you so much. – Sophie Anne

Shoutout to all my teachers for being so helpful, caring, and understanding throughout my first year of high school in this crazy time. You always try to engage us students and encourage us to work extra hard on our studies. -Talya

Thanks to all my teachers. Even though it has been a hard year for the students and the teachers, they make it possible for us to learn, even though it is hard. Thanks to Ms. Harrison, Mrs.Seiler and Mrs.Webb, Mrs.Lindo, Mrs. Aguouridis, Mr. Minnick, Mrs, Dabbenigno, Mr. Blake and Mrs.Fortier, and Mrs.Steslicki. It has been a great year so far even though it is hard to learn. I can’t wait to get back to school and get to know these teachers. 

Thank you to all the teachers for helping us through our first year in high school. This year has put us in a weird spot having to learn and be taught virtually, but you still manage to make it fun and full of new learning experiences. I hope we get to go back into the school, so we can meet you face to face!!

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