Briar Woods Black Student Alliance


Grace Luebke, Reporter

This year, Briar Woods introduced several new clubs, including the Black Student Alliance.

But exactly is the Black Student Alliance?

Briar Woods Black Student Alliance (BSA) is a student-run club that brings awareness to issues faced by the Black community within school settings. It serves as a safe space for students to share their experiences and find common ground. “Our goal is to promote cultural and social awareness within the Black community at Briar Woods,” said BSA President, senior Jenna Jalloh. BSA encourages Black excellence through academics, community service, and activities that address the concerns of Black peers.

Jalloh’s drive to kickstart the club was inspired by the uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement back in 2020. “I’ve always been very passionate and proud of being black…a powerful black woman,” Jalloh began, “I’ve also been passionate about helping others and seeing people overcome struggles.” Jenna believes black students need a voice within Briar Woods, and starting the alliance was the perfect antidote to the silencing of the various struggles faced by students in the Black community.

The BSA meets every month from 4 pm to 5 pm after school. During meetings, club officers and general members discuss current events within the Black community, converse over common prejudices or microaggressions experienced during the school day, and plan for future community service events. Recently, the Black Student Alliance hosted their first fundraiser at Rubino’s Pizzeria. Around 15% of the proceeds contributed to the club, which fund more activities. 

I, myself, am a member of Briar’s Black Student Alliance. Growing up in a White family in a predominantly White area, it has been challenging finding others who share similar struggles. Despite my lack of exposure to Black culture, my peers within the alliance have helped me feel welcome in the Black community. As a member, I have further educated myself on social issues surrounding racial injustice and the history of Black people in America. 

Jalloh encourages students of all cultural backgrounds to join BSA as it encourages brotherhood and sisterhood. As Jalloh says, “If no one is going to be there for us, we will be there for each other.”