Briar Woods Girls Basketball: The Coming Season and Expectations


Winter athletics are coming up quickly. Tryouts for most of the teams are beginning in early November. Although winter sports have held interest meetings and some preseason training has started, it’s not too late to sign up for favorite sports.

Girls basketball has begun hosting preseason training to prepare for tryouts and survey this year’s talent. Players are excited for it to finally be basketball season again. Last season, Girls Varsity went 9-9. Reflecting on the previous year, the girls are hoping to improve on communication. “We did not communicate well on our defense,” said Sienna Casillas, a sophomore who was on varsity last season. Last year’s team was young with six freshmen. Now that the freshmen are sophomores, they have added varsity and in-game experience. This will serve as an advantage for the upcoming season. Although the team lost three seniors, the class of 2022 can step up and continue to be leaders on the team.

Coach Short has expressed that this season’s goal is to aim for district title. She said she “[thinks they] have the talent to do that, so that… [is] a goal of [hers].” Returning varsity players have expressed that they too share this goal. Although it won’t be easy, the girls are ready for the challenge.

The Falcons were put to the test with their share of challenges throughout the last season. When asked what challenges the team faced Sienna said, “definitely COVID. It was hard because we couldn’t do any team bonding. We weren’t allowed to do any of that; we had to play in masks, which sucked, and we couldn’t have any spectators.” Teams faced challenges last season like these because COVID had a major impact on all sports, but these athletes are equipped to handle anything that comes their way. With COVID-19 awkwardly changing last year, the new season gives players of all sports the opportunities to have normal seasons again.

This means that experiences that would have not been possible in 2020 are now able to take place. This is exciting for players and coaches, and Coach Short said she was excited to “get back to some form of normalcy, you know, like having fans back at the games, having the normal pre game rituals, having the teams work together, and sharing that bonding throughout the program. So overall. I think I’m just excited to get back to normalcy of what our season used look like and doing so safely.”

Bonding and memory-making moments are a part of the team experience. Being a part of a team is a fun experience and a chance to make lasting memories. Sienna said one of her favorite memories from last year was when Coach Short brought her puppy to practice, and they played with her. Everyone should participate in being a part of a group like this at some point in their high school years. Whether it’s playing sports, joining the band, signing up to be cast or crew in the high school play, or participating in a club, these activities allow students to have fun and help ease the stress of schoolwork and grades. The memories that are made in high school will stick with students even after they graduate.

Looking for a way to make lasting memories? Come out and participate in a sport this winter!