Painted Parking Spots


Anjali Chinnareddy, Reporter

Art lovers need not go to the National Art Gallery any more, not when they can get their art fix in the Briar Woods parking lot. From modern art to Winnie-the-Pooh to peace signs, the pavement is bursting with color and expression. 

As many seniors are heading for their final year of high school, many were surprised to hear about painted parking spots. For they had only seen such things on social media or apps like Pinterest. 

The previous senior student council  pushed for painted parking spots, but administration did not grant approval in time. So the class of 2022 was delighted when they heard they were going to be the first class to be able to put paint to pavement. 

Nina Eddinger, head of SCA, turned this dream into a reality. Admin told her that if she filled out all the paperwork needed, they would allow her. This wasn’t the only obstacle on the road. Next, she had to submit all the included paperwork to the ED [Eastern District] courts, this was so they could approve what paints were being used and about the rules of paint on the property. At the end of the year, students are required to paint over their spot in black paint.

Mrs. Eddinger has worked tirelessly to offer students freedom of choice and expression. She shared that all students who want to paint on the pavement must submit their designs on a permission form. Then [she] either approves the design or offers suggestions to make it more [school friendly].” The paperwork also states that “if a student happens to [paint a design that is not school appropriate], administration reserves the right to discipline for any violation of school rules.” 

When asked about the experience of the painted parking spots, senior Tawny Haberland replied, “it was an overall fun experience. It let me be creative and I had no problem with my design.” It let her make a mark even if it was only for a year. Later she was asked for her opinion on whether the painted parks should remain a senior-only perk or if juniors should be allowed to join, “[she] personally doesn’t care if juniors also join and [she] thinks it would make the parking lot look even better if more spots were painted.”

Even though the painted parking spots don’t seem like much, for seniors it can make their day. Tired from the night before, coming into school and seeing their paintings all over the parking lot can change the moods of many. If you have time before or after school, we urge you to go and view the painted parking spots and see just how creative our seniors are!