Online Fashion

Online Fashion

Lauren Greenwood, Junior Reporter

When you think of the words “trendy” or “fashion,” places like Fifth Avenue, Rodeo Drive, Milan, and Paris come to mind, but fashionistas take note: Tiktok has more couture than Dior. 

Taking a trip into the past, corsets are making their way back into the fashion industry but not in the way you would expect. People are styling corsets with their mom jeans to create a new and improved look. When you think of corsets, you may think of them under dresses or other pieces of clothing. Now people are changing it up for a new perspective. Corsets are a great way to show individuality. 

Rings and other jewelry have always been a big part of the fashion industry. These ring sets will not put a huge dent into your bank account. In addition to rings, brand named necklaces are also being sold. You can get the famous Alex and Ani, Pandora, and other name brand necklaces and jewelry.

Small faux leather shoulder bags and purses are making a huge comeback this year. This accessory has made outfits more trendy. Not only can you get them in almost every color, they also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular styles include leather shoulder bags, cross body bags, and the classic handheld purse. These gems come in many different patterns, but some of the most popular colors this year include lime green, pastel pink, and powder blue. In addition to that, we can’t forget about the animal prints.  If you are looking to spice up your outfit, these bags are for you. 

These examples are just a few taste-testers to wet your palate. The online fashion smorgasbord awaits you in the cyber shopping universe. See you there!